Choose BreezeACCESS VL for:

  • Video and voice with end-to-end quality of service supporting an unmatched number of hundreds of toll quality calls per sector
  • Connecting communities - for cost-effective access within communities, municipalities and educational institutions
  • Hotspot feeding - high throughput, reliable service
  • Security and surveillance - wireless cameras transmitting bandwidth hungry video and requiring secure reliable services
  • Last mile access - services for both residential and business users with NLOS capabilities for all environments, rural and urban
  • Enterprise networks - leased line replacement for cost effective connectivity, providing VoIP and data services in enterprises and campuses.

Reasons for Choosing BreezeACCESS VL

Economic Advantages:

  • More revenues by providing subscribers toll quality voice and video services with differentiated price packages for multiple speeds and upgrade options
  • Less infrastructure investment today - NLOS, high capacity, outstanding coverage, multi-subscriber profiles in same sector and network, modular and flexible “pay-as-you-grow” enables fewer base stations and site constructions
  • Lower CAPEX tomorrow - protect your investment for colocation with future WiMAX systems. Both sets of CPEs (BreezeACCESS VL and BreezeMAXâ„¢) are able to operate at the same sector. AlvariSTARâ„¢ management tool will support all Alvarion WiMAX, BreezeACCESS VL and BreezeNET B® platforms with seamless management migration
  • Out-of-the-box low cost installation
    • 10 LEDs SNR BAR display on outdoor unit for fast antenna alignment without external tools or monitors, standard CAT-5 cable and best AU mode for fast association
    • Optimal performance through always-on adaptive modulation and automatic transmit power control (ATPC)
    • Over-the-air software upgrade for easy, cost-saving installation
  • Lower OPEX - fewer base stations, remote management and remote firmware upgrade, effective diagnostic tools, self adaptive to environmental changes

Technological Advantages:

  • Wide coverage, more customers with fewer base stations
  • Multimedia Application Prioritization (MAP) using wireless link prioritization for full end-to-end QoS
  • Unique dynamic resource allocation protocol (DRAP) with Alvarion's voice gateways ensuring high quality voice, while maintaining residual capacity for best effort data services
  • Very high capacity and packet processing for best network performances and high number of VoIP calls
  • DFS+ (dynamic frequency selection) for countries that require it, plus an Alvarion only algorithm to improve channel management under certain conditions of low radar activity
  • Best access unit (AU) selection - for fast and simple SU association with best AU detected, also acts as a redundancy mechanism that automatically selects second best AU if best AU fails
  • Flexible network planning - Supports 10 and 20 MHz subchannel options for radio planning and interference avoidance with automatic subchannel search
  • Rugged, widely deployed robust solution in 5 GHz

Management Advantages:

  • AlvariSTAR - a comprehensive network management support tool with scalable architecture, topology management, configuration and monitoring, fault management, and performance monitoring
  • BreezeCONFIG - a configuration and monitoring utility that is intuitive and simple to use and enables simultaneous firmware upgrades for multiple CPEs

Extensive Access Suite Features:

  • Bridging functionality - simple configuration, fast installation 802.1Q VLAN support with trunk, access and hybrid and QinQ modes
  • QoS - end-to-end QoS with MAP using packet prioritization
  • SLA enforcement - supports committed information rates (CIR) and maximum information rates (MIR) per user, per direction; packet prioritization with IP TOS, VLAN, DiffServ and UDP/TCP port range classification, and graceful degradation in case of congestion

Security and Filtering Options:

  • AES 128 and WEP 128 encryption options - and new FIPS- 197 encryption mode, certified according to Federal Information Processing Standards, access/denial list enabling only authorized CPEs to connect
  • Access control with IP address protocol and MAC based filtering, offering better control including being able to limit the number of authorized IP addresses, enabling an additional source of revenue or for preventing local broadcasts from flooding the wireless link

Flexibility and Modularity:

  • Flexible topology allowing stand-alone or chassis based configurations for modular and scalable solutions enabling “pay as you grow”. Deployable in multiple sectors using various antenna choices
  • AC and DC power supply options
  • Supports 3, 6 and 54 Mbps CPE rates with attached and external antenna options
  • Upgradeable CPE bandwidth over the air

The Complete Spectrumâ„¢ Solution

  • Covers the entire 5 GHz band and easily integrates with BreezeACCESS's 900 MHz, 2.4 GHz, 3.5 and 4.9 GHz bands using the same infrastructure and range of technologies
  • Supports concurrent LOS, NLOS and multi-frequencies with subscriber speeds from 3 to 54 Mbps
  • Permits operators to customize networks for various market segments to achieve the highest revenue per cell

Robustness and Reliability

  • Adaptive modulation with 8 rates schemes and smooth changes between rates responding to link conditions, facilitating link robustness, set at the highest per customer rate possible
  • Automatic transmit power control (ATPC) - the access unit automatically measures and adjusts the subscriber unit's transmission power, enabling easier installation and optimizing network performance
  • Supports various redundancy options
  • Built in Forward Error Correction and retransmission correcting lost and damaged bits
  • Full outdoor rated equipment option with OPS-AC-HD

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