Designed to Maximize Bandwidth and Link Reliability in Noisy Environments

The Multipoint 10250 BeamX product family uses a beam steering antenna and a secondary,
look-ahead scan radio to avoid interference and maximize the use of available radio spectrum.
The Multipoint 10250, builds on the successful 10000 product line, and is extremely robust in the
face of high ambient RF interference, delivers more Mbps and opens up additional 5GHz spectrum.

The Multipoint 10250-BeamX device supports the following features for applications that include last
mile access or video surveillance, both of which need prioritized and continuous high-speed broadband
wireless access:

  • Proxim WORP®
    Proxim WORP® - Combines network access control, data scheduling, advanced QoS, and encryption to ensure highly efficient and secure data transmission.
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  • Proxim ClearConnect™
    Proxim ClearConnect™, a suite of interference mitigation technologies ensuring robust and reliable communications in high-density wireless deployments.
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  • Proxim SmartConnect™
    Proxim SmartConnect™, Delivering exceptional performance in noisy RF locations by combining a beam steering antenna with a secondary look ahead scan radio to seek, manage, and select the best channel.
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Fast, Secure and Flexible

  • Point-to-Multipoint base station and subscriber unit that delivers up to 866 Mbps data rate and covers distances up to 10 miles (16 km)
  • AES 128 encryption (Upgradeable to AES 256), Radius authentication, and highly-secure remote management via SSL/TLS1.2, SSH, and SNMPv3
  • Service flow based QoS with deep packet inspection (DPI) to ensure critical data arrives with priority
  • Built-in feature-rich network protocols for IPv4 and IPv6 bridging, routing and gateway functionality

Proxim SmartScan™

  • Performs background analysis of the full RF spectrum and creates channel availability tables to allow an immediate switch to a free channel in case of weather radar detection or interference
  • By removing the initial transmission delay, SmartScan makes DFS channel more efficient
  • It also opens access to the 5.600–5.650 GHz sub-band and enables effective use of up to 355 MHz of DFS spectrum
Proxim SmartScan™

BeamX™ Antenna

  • Smart antenna delivering a 17° beam that electronically steers itself to the remote subscriber unit over a 60° sector, to limit interference from nearby RF sources
  • By improving the radio Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), BeamX enables higher modulations and thus improves throughput
  • BeamX speeds up deployment by removing the antenna alignment phase. Roughly aim at the remote end, and the BeamX technology does the fine-tuning, optimizing SNR

Rugged and Reliable

The Multipoint 10250 BeamX product is designed for harsh environments, and is fully IP67 rated, and will deliver years of reliable service in conditions that include, high winds, high salt, and high-temperature extremes.

Product Line Compatibility

  • MP-10250-BSX Connects to all existing MP/XP 10100, MP-10100L, MP-8200, MP-820 and MP-830 products
  • MP-10250-SRX only connects to MP-10250-BSX
  • Fully integrates within ProximVision® Advanced Cloud Based Carrier Management System and Controller

Multi-Language Support

Web Interface available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese

MP-10250-BSX-USTsunami® MP 10250 Base Station Unit, 867 Mbps, MIMO 2x2, 16 dBi BeamX antenna, scan radio | Part Number : 901-00291
MP-10250-BSX-WDTsunami® MP 10250 Base Station Unit, 867 Mbps, MIMO 2x2, 16 dBi BeamX antenna, scan radio | Part Number : 901-00292
MP-10250-SRX-USTsunami MP 10250 Subscriber Unit, 867 Mbps, MIMO 2x2, BeamX antenna, SmartScan radio | Part Number : 901-00340
MP-10250-SRX-WDTsunami MP 10250 Subscriber Unit, 867 Mbps, MIMO 2x2, BeamX antenna, SmartScan radio | Part Number : 901-00341

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Multipoint 10250 BeamX Series

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