As cities grow and diversify, the infrastructure needs to keep pace with the needs of their citizens. The term Smart Cities, describes a technology revolution that offers better city management at lower cost to even the smallest municipality. Based on the intelligent use of cameras, sensors and control systems, smart city technology can deliver better traffic management, safer streets, city-wide asset management and increase the contact between citizens and government. The communication network is the foundation needed to interconnect the vital systems and services and there is often a need to extend the reach of these networks to every street corner. Faced with diminishing budgets, city planners need to find creative ways to grow the network yet reduce overall network cost. RISBO Technologies offer cost-efficient ways of extending the network to every corner of the city and provides the connectivity needed to eliminate the ever increasing cost of leasing networks. Our product solutions allow right-sized yet scalable networks the progressive city. Put simply, when you need high density point-to-multipoint urban networks, and high bandwidth backhaul, no one delivers a more cost-effective, bandwidth efficient, or reliable solution.

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